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Product Features


  1. Suitable for high purity flammable or toxic gases
     Direct diaphragm construction with superior sealing
    prerformance,remarkable durability,compactness and particle and
    dead-space-free performance
    Valve open and closed opsition is easily visible at a glance
    Excellent gas displacement characteristics
    Standard seat material is PCTFE,Polyimide/PFA is option


Technical Data


  • Max. Working Pressure 3000 psig (205 bar)
    Pneumatic Operating Pressure 58~87psig (4~6 bar)
    Max. Working Temp. -10?F ~ 150?F (-23?C ~ 65?C)
    Body 316L
    Diaphragm Elgiloy®
    Seat packing PCTFE(standard)
    Handle AL
    Internal Leakage Allowance(He) 1 x 10-9 atm • cc/sec
    External Leakage Allowance (He) 1 x 10-9 atm • cc/sec
    Orifice Ø5 mm
    Weight approx. 0.27 kg(actuator not included)

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